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Hello! I'm Charlotte, the creative behind

Signed By Charlotte, your go-to destination for

luxury wedding signs, bespoke stationery,

and that extra personal touch for your wedding day. 

Signed By Charlotte at Donington Park Farmhouse

From my studio in Purley, on the London / Surrey border, I bring a touch of elegance to your wedding day. I believe your love story is one-of-a-kind, and your wedding should be too. My bespoke service allows you to customise every aspect of your wedding signs and stationery, ensuring they perfectly reflect your individual style and vision for your special day.


I have always loved everything creative, and Art and Design were always my favourite subjects growing up. I went on to study Textile Design at Loughborough University and later worked in the Fashion Industry as a Garment Technologist for 10 years. Whilst I loved my job, I often found myself wanting to do something more creative, especially after a long day of emails at work! 

The turning point came when I purchased my first calligraphy kit; I soon spent my evenings and weekends practising and developing my style and absolutely loved how relaxing it was. Calligraphy allowed me to switch off after a busy day at work and I was hooked!

In 2018, my now-husband proposed, setting us on an exciting wedding planning journey.

We knew we wanted our wedding signs and stationery to be unique and personal to us, matching the vibe of our big day.

I loved creating everything myself and it was incredible to see our ideas come to life, knowing they were exactly how we wanted. Our wedding at The West Mill in Darley Abbey, Derbyshire, was the most special day, and I often find myself looking back through photos to re-live that magical day.

After our wedding, I received numerous compliments from friends and family about the hand-painted chalkboards I had created. Some of them were so impressed that they asked me to design personalised signs for their own wedding days. It was through these requests and the positive feedback that the idea of Signed By Charlotte came about. 

I started solely offering hand-painted and hand-lettered chalkboard and wooden wedding signs, which has been the core of my business. Whilst my style and calligraphy have evolved since those early days, my core belief remains unchanged: Your wedding day is a reflection of your unique love story, and your signs and stationery should be personal to you. That's why each of my products are bespoke, all tailored to your vision. 

A photograph of Charlotte, the artist behind Signed By Charlotte
A photograph of Charlotte, the artist behind Signed By Charlotte
handpainted Unplugged ceremony wedding sign at The West Mill, Derbyshire

In 2023, I introduced printed stationery items that tie back to my wedding signs through the use of digitised calligraphy. This process includes writing the words in traditional nib and ink calligraphy before scanning them into my graphic design software and turning them into digital images. 

No two signs are alike – not just because they're individually handwritten, but because the design and wording are curated to resonate with your love story and capture the essence of your special day. 


Whether you prefer a formal tone or a more casual approach, I work closely with you to understand your requirements; this collaborative process ensures the final products are not only beautiful to look at, but deeply personal, just like ours were. 

Ready to elevate your big day? Click the button below to get in touch, and let's make your wedding extraordinary with bespoke signs and stationery that reflect your unique love story!

Charlotte x

favourite venues

venue Wishlist

I also have a list of dream wedding venues where I’d love to see my products showcased. If you’re tying the knot at one of these locations and place an order with me, you will receive a little surprise from me.

Botley Hill Barn, Surrey
Port Lympne, Kent

100 Barrington, London
Hyde House, Cotswolds
The River Mill, Derbyshire
Botleys Mansion, Surrey
Great Fosters, Surrey

I will update these regularly so please keep checking back!

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